Motorized Mobile Stand for 42"-70" display

Box style display mount

Sturdy, sheet metal box with VESA pattern. Allows for up to VESA 400x600

Lots of storage space

Neatly stowe your hardware behind the display and run cables through the bottom of the box.

wide V-style base

for easy access to the display.

Product Description

Motorized Mobile Stand for 42"-70" (interactive) Flat-Panel.

For teaching situations that require for a portable solution, ConenMounts offers a variety of mobile stands.
The SCETAVBOX is the entry model mobile stand, featuring the box style display mount and a V-style mobile base.
The box mount allows for hardware and cables to be stowed away neatly behind the display.
The black, V-shaped, mobile base fits in with any space and style and enhances the contemporary design of the SCETA mount. Its wide base allows easy access to the display, also for people in wheelchair.

The stand ships flat-packed in 3 cartons and is courier-shippable.


  • Designed for displays up to 70"

  • Sheet metal box mount with
    integrated VESA pattern
    offering plenty storage space for hardware
  • VESA pattern, max. 600 x 400

  • actuator safely concealed in center column
    offering 50cm of vertical travel

Technical Information

  • Display range:
    42" - 70"

  • Center of screen to floor:
    1085 - 1585mm

  • Mounting pattern:
    VESA 200x200 - 600x400

  • Warranty:
    5 year limited warranty

  • Load capacity:
    125 kg

  • Color:
    Center column: blank anodized aluminum
    Display mount:  black



  • Packaging dims (HxWxD):
    "CCE50" center column:            970 x 270 x 200mm
    "AFSCETABOX" display mount:  480 x 700 x 180mm
    "MST-SCETAV" mobile base:    1140 x 780 x 150mm

  • Shipping weight:
    46 kg