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Mobile tiltable whiteboard workITdesk DeLuxe

1,60 x 1,00 m, electrically height & tilt adjustable mount, H-style base
Item number: WID-DL74

Product description

The workITdesk DeLuxe has a black table top with a 74" diagonal dry erase and magnetic projection surface. The whiteboard is compatible with virtually any ultra short throw interactive projector. The fingertouch-module can be either applied onto the projection surface or attached over the surface directly into the board. The unit offers a smooth and safe 50 cm vertical travel and 0 – 90° tilt adjustment of surface and projector. Retracted the workITdesk DeLuxe fits through a standard doorway with the projector still connected. The workITdesk DeLuxe is the ideal solution for schools that are looking for mobile, customized interactivity.

No more annoying white borders! The projection surface of the whiteboard is an extraordinary W/H: 1,60 x 1,00 m. With a format of 16:10 of the projector the central surface is completely illuminated. Use 100 % of your projector performance! The black frame around the projection-optimised central surface ensures the best possible contrast and a pin-sharp image.

The whiteboard can be height-adjusted electrically in both board and table mode and tilted up to 90 degrees. So the system can be used as a touch screen table. You can stop the whiteboard at any angle.

The stable chassis has 4 heavy duty castors, 2 of which are lockable to fix the whiteboard in the desired location.


  • Electrically height adjustable mobile whiteboard
  • With black frame and board surface in the format 1,60 x 1,00 m
  • workITdesk DeLuxe, for use as touch screen table
  • Central surface magnetic, can be written on and dry wiped
  • Whiteboard for use with interactive projectors with or without fingertouch-module
  • Robust H-style base designed to withstand intensive daily use
Product image Mobile tiltable whiteboard workITdesk DeLuxe WID-DL74
Product image Mobile tiltable whiteboard workITdesk DeLuxe WID-DL74

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Projector mount
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Motorized height adjustable


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Product details

Item numberWID-DL74
Center to floor distance 780 mm - 1280 mm30.7" - 50.4"
Projection surface 1600 mm - 1000 mm63" - 39.4"
Image size 1600 mm - 1000 mm63" - 39.4"
Width 1700 mm66.9"
Height 1589000 mm - 2089 mm62559.1" - 82.2"
Depth 1435 mm56.5"
Frame colorRAL 9005 deep black
Column colorNatural anodized
Chassis colorRAL 9006 white aluminum
Remote control of height und tilt adjustment
Detail image Remote control of height und tilt adjustment WID-DL74The electrically height adjustable & tiltable display & monitor stands come standard with a wired remote control. With two buttons, the display stand can gently be raised and lowered. Controlled movements protect the sensitive touch screen displays. Two additional buttons control the slope of the system.
H-mobile stand
Detail image H-mobile stand WID-DL74Our white H chassis has 4 smooth castors, two of which are lockable to fix the tv cart & mobile monitor stand in place. Due to the special H shape even wheelchair users can approach very close to the display.
Double-castor mobile stand
Detail image Double-castor mobile stand WID-DL74The smooth-running wheels on our chassis make it easy to move the mobile monitor stand and flat screen tv cart even with heavy displays. The castors have a diameter of 50 mm.


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